Project organization

Project organization – Knowledge and communication a part of the solution

The CHANGE project funded by the Bonus program focuses on building communication networks and developing strategies for stakeholder collaboration and training. CHANGE is an interdisciplinary research program integrating natural science, business/social science and law to develop a working model for market sustainability. This working model will include recommendations how to steer market based change, both in terms of communication regarding consumers and as a result of market activities within legal frameworks. A change of boating practices in the Baltic Sea is investigated in order to reduce to a minimum the supply of toxic antifouling compounds from leisure boats and serve as a model for other industries, contexts and communities. Our concept relies on four major approaches.

  • Map consumer practices related to antifouling products and techniques to obtain a behavioral change perspective (WP2)
  • Map the legal framework and the influence of the market on consumers’ choice of antifouling techniques for leisure boats (WP3)
  • Thoroughly evaluate performance and environmental impact of antifouling products and techniques (WP4)
  • Participatory and communication-based approach building on strong stakeholder collaboration (WP5)