Mechanical methods

Mechanical methods


The increasing awareness that the use of biocides in antifouling paints may lead to harmful discharges to the environment has made innovators to think of other preventive methods to keep the boat hulls clean. Several different approaches have been made.

Boat-brushers simulate car washers in that they use brushes to clean the hull. The boats are taken through rotating brushes and the fouling organisms are brushed off.

Keeping the boat in air is another principle that is used by innovators. No fouling organisms can live without water and thus keeping the boat in the air will kill possible organisms that have attached to the hull. Different types of boat lifts may be found on the market.

Boat hull protectors is aligned to the boat hull when moored in the home harbor and makes the environment unfriendly to fouling organisms and thereby diminishing the fouling.

A number of manual mechanical devices are also found on the market. These are intended to be used during the season to manually clean the boat hull.

Below you can see some examples of mechanical methods.