Last season a number of boaters took part in a test arranged by the CHANGE project in collaboration with the Swedish Boat Union (SBU). The test boaters used different mechanical methods and the aim was to study how well these functioned according to boaters. The tested methods were boat washing in water, uptake during season and washing on land, use of boat hull protector, ultra sound, diving and brushing, the Scrubbis system and sometimes combination of several systems. Most boaters were satisfied with the method they had chosen and will not use antifouling paint next year.

As stimulation all boaters took part in a lottery with prizes from Boatwasher and Scrubbis.

The two winners of one year use of Boatbrusher ( are:

Hans-Otto Scheck and Stefan Ny

The winners of scrubbis ( are:

Birgitta Lang and Michael Blass


Read more about the results in Båtliv No 6, 2015