Environmental Science (WP4)

Environmental Science (WP4)

The fouling pressure can differ substantially both between years and between different coastal sea areas within the Baltic Sea. Therefore, the performance study on antifouling techniques will be conducted in high resolution, i.e. at almost 20 sites spread around the Baltic Sea. Here, we will also produce release rate data of biocides from antifouling paints and perform ecotoxicological studies to be used in environmental risk assessment purposes.

CHANGE will provide scientific data on:

  • Performance of physical and biocide based-based techniques
  • Effects of mixtures of biocides on the ecosystem
  • Provide data on amounts of biocides on boat hulls
  • Provide data on concentrations of biocides in boat yard soil and sediment

The data will enable boat owners to make sustainable choices on how to keep the boat hulls free from fouling in their respective area.

The following people are engaged in WP 4:

Environmental Sciences
Mia Dahlström Sjögren, Britta Eklund, Erik Ytreberg, Ann-Kristin Eriksson-Wiklund, Per Jonsson, Burkard Waterman, Friederike Ziegler, Sara Hornborg, Albin Holmqvist, Maria Lagerström, Maria Bighiu, Jenny Gustavsson, Peter Dahl

Social Sciences
Cecilia SolérBianca Koroschetz, Diane Martin, Henri Weijo, Emma Mäenpää