Panel tests

Panel tests

In the Baltic Sea, the antifouling paint market is dominated by copper leaching paints. In Finland paints holding up to 35 percent cuprous oxide (CuO) is approved while in Sweden the CuO content in paints approved for the Baltic Sea market is less than 10 percent. But how much CuO is needed in antifouling paints to control biofouling?

To answer that question we will coat panels with paints containing different amount of copper and submerge the panles in different leisure boat harbours around the Baltic Sea. The study will be performed during  three seasons to allow us to study the variability between years.

1. Slide 15 panel tests

3. Slide 15 panel tests 2. Slide 15 panel tests

In addition, we are performing a high resolution survey where we have coated panels with ten different copper-based paints holding CuO ranging from 0.4 – 10 percent. The performance evaluation of the coatings will be performed in October-November 2014 and the data will be used to provide site-specific recommendation on the amount CuO needed in the paint formulations.

Click on the video below to view a fouling inspection on our copper-paint coated panels


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