The legal framework and the market (WP3)

The legal framework and the market


The environmental law component within CHANGE will study the impact of the legal framework. This is important for all actors in this field including consumers, paint manufacturers, local authorities and national agencies. There are a vast number of different regulations within the area, spanning from rules on where to moor leisure boats to technical specifications according to the European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use of active agents in paint formulations regulated by Biocide Product Directive (BPD) and regulations for common chemicals (REACH). Different types of legal rules cover local, national, European and international law. In addition, these legal fields have different origins and traditions, adding to the challenge of understanding and calculating how they will affect human behavior. The focus will be on consumer impact and how to CHANGE the present situation with high use of toxic leaking antifouling paints to increased use of physical and biological methods, and less use of biocide related methods. Altogether the Baltic Sea countries represent almost half of the total 6 million leisure boats in Europe and a reduction in use of toxic antifouling methods will result in a substantial improvement to a more viable Baltic Sea ecosystem.

Specific objectives to be addressed are:

  • To describe the legal situation related to antifouling for leisure boats in the Baltic
  • Identify and analyse legal as well as market barriers and driving forces for introducing alternative antifouling techniques for leisure boats
  • Present alternative governance structures influencing the market and consumers and to suggest where new regulation is needed to reduce the use of biocides in antifouling paint formulations.

The following people are engaged in WP 3:

Social sciences
Lena Gipperth, Cecilia Solér, Bianca Koroschetz, Helle Tegnér Anker, Ari Ekroos, Sara KymenvaaraJenny RontuLasse Baaner

Environmental sciences
Britta Eklund, Erik Ytreberg, Maria Lagerström, Mia Dahlström Sjögren, Ann-Kristin Ericsson Wiklund