Spy Hunter Cheats For PlayStation 2 GameCube Xbox Game Boy Advance PC

Spy Hunter Cheats For PlayStation 2 GameCube Xbox Game Boy Advance PC

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SpyHunter 2 Cheat Codes | PS2

These cheat codes for Spy Hunter 2 on PS2 will give you invincibility, unlimited ammo, and unlock all weapons & missions in campaign mode!

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SpyHunter (2001) – Level 1: Test Track License (4K + Widescreen + 60 FPS)

Haven’t touched this classic in a looooong time. Now that PCSX2 can emulate it properly (almost), I thought it’s time to give it the quality touch-up it deserves.

This is the first level. There are no real enemies. Think of it as a tutorial to demonstrate what the G-6155 Interceptor (the vehicle) is capable of doing. As each level goes by, there are upgrades that are unlocked for it. This can include offensive weapons (Machine Gun upgrades, Missiles, EMP, Railgun) or rear weapons (Smoke, Flamethrower). The gameplay isn’t the fastest, but the goal is to give you the content in the highest quality possible.

I am also uploading levels of the Japanese release in parallel with this one. The playthrough of this level in the Japanese release is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF6d7tTQjeg

Now before anyone goes and complains, the true 4K and 60 FPS only take place in-level. Menus, cutscenes, etc are all in 30 FPS. Menus with the FPS uncapped make everything go almost “too” fast.

Here’s a list of changes to make the viewing experience better:
– Cutscenes were manually scaled to preserve their original aspect ratio
– Midway & Paradigm Intro Videos are 4:3 (1.33).
– Intro sequence and all mission endings are 48:25 (1.92).
– NOSTRA’s video is at a true 16:9 aspect ratio.
– Properly separated 5.1 surround sound (After I enable it in sound settings @ 2:59) + Proper Stereo track mixed by hand.
– No audio clipping (Volume is intentionally set to 60% to give enough headroom)
– True 4K 3D rendered graphics + Widescreen Hack
– 60 FPS (Except in menus… Everything goes too fast)
– Toggleable Subtitles in 3 languages:
– US English
– UK English
– Japanese (NOSTRA Cutscene only, from the Japanese release)

Surround sound on the PS2 is a bit tricky, since PCSX2 doesn’t support outputting it just yet. Though, when Surround is enabled in-game, a Stereo stream encoded with Dolby Pro Logic II is sent to the speakers. Dolby Pro Logic II was made to be split from Stereo to 5.1, so I got ffmpeg to split it for me. There’s some cross-talk between the channels, but it works at least! And yes, YouTube now supports 5.1. That was a welcome addition by them. 🙂

Chapter Metadata:
0:00 PS2 Boot up
0:15 Game start up
0:54 Introduction Video
2:42 Name Entry and Audio Settings
3:10 Mission selection
3:21 Loading
3:37 Objective Overview
4:11 Gameplay
7:34 Ending Cinematic
7:46 Mission Results
8:02 NOSTRA Introduction

SpyHunter (PS2) – Full Game Walkthrough (All Missions) [4K 60fps]

Full Game Walkthroughs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOcifTz3tdk3eqKYoA_W7QEBjnKcth761

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SpyHunter (PS2) – Full Game Walkthrough recorded in Ultra HD in all missions

The evil Nostra International Corporation has plans of global domination. They will attempt to manipulate the world’s energy through the launching of four super satellites nicknamed “The Four Horsemen.” Their only threat is the International Espionage Services (IES). Its Spyhunter team attempts to bring Nostra International down with its advanced automobile, the G-6155 Interceptor. The driver is Alec Sects, with the help of the weapons van and the computer “Leonie,” will travel across the globe to bring down these foes in his sleek, super automobile.

0:00:00 – Opening Intro
0:02:29 – Mission #1: Test Track License (Texas, USA)
0:09:54 – Mission #2: Dragon Strike (Frankfurt, Germany)
0:14:29 – Mission #3: Route Canal (Venice, Italy)
0:18:02 – Mission #4: Swamp Venom (Florida Keys, USA)
0:22:40 – Mission #5: Double Vision (French Rivera)
0:26:56 – Mission #6: Columbian Extract (Panama Canal)
0:31:51 – Mission #7: IES Testing Facilty (Texas, USA)
0:36:43 – Mission #8: Escort Service (Dover, England)
0:41:22 – Mission #9: German Blitz (Frankfurt, Germany)
0:46:21 – Mission #10: Terrorist Lock Down (Panama Canal)
0:50:53 – Mission #11: French Kiss (Monte Carlo)
0:55:39 – Mission #12: Locked Keys (Florida Keys, USA)
1:00:40 – Mission #13: Veterian Blind (Venice, Italy)
1:04:30 – Mission #14: Eye of the Sky (Petra, Jordan)
1:12:21 – End Credits
1:14:06 – End Game

Developers: Paradigm Entertainment, Point of View, Inc. (GC & Xbox), Midway Games (GBA & OS X), Sidhe Interactive (PC), Fathammer (Zodiac)
Publishers: Midway Games, Aspyr (PC & OS X)
Designer: Shawn Wright

Release Dates:
NA: September 24, 2001 (PS2)
EU: October 19, 2001 (PS2)
NA: March 12, 2002 (GameCube)
NA: March 14, 2002 (Xbox)
EU: June 28, 2002 (GC, Xbox)
NA: May 14, 2002 (GBA)
EU: November 18, 2002 (GBA)
NA: May 30, 2003 (PC & OS X)
NA: October 2003 (Zodiac)

Genres: Vehicular combat
Modes: Single-player, multiplayer

• Platform: PlayStation 2 / PCSX2 1.6.0 (Also available for Xbox, GameCube, & Windows PC)
• Recorded using Nvidia Shadowplay
• Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro 2021

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Spy Hunter review. http://www.ClassicGameRoom.com Classic Game Room reviews SPY HUNTER for PlayStation 2 from Midway released in 2001. This awesome retro remake of Spy Hunter is more of a re-imagining of the series than a direct remake. Spyhunter gameplay is fast and awesome as you drive the new Interceptor through missions filled with enemies and obstacles. CGR Spy Hunter video review features Spyhunter PS2 gameplay in HD action recorded from PlayStation 2 (Spy Hunter is also available on Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube, PC and more). The original Spy Hunter was released in 1983 and while this game bears little in common with the original it is very challenging and filled with driving, shooting and boating! Watch as your car turns into a boat and motorcycle and crush enemies with missiles, machine guns and flame throwers!
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