You Won’t Be Able To Preload Borderlands 3 On The Epic Games Store

You Won’t Be Able To Preload Borderlands 3 On The Epic Games Store

When you’ll get to play Borderlands 3 on PC might depend on your download speeds.

Borderlands 3 Epic Games Store Exclusivity | Gearbox CEO Attacks Fans and PC Gamers

Borderlands 3 is an Epic Games Store Exclusive for 6 months until April 2020 and guess what happened. Borderlands got review bombed on Steam as a result. In response to this, our favorite game dev, magician, and Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford, decided it was a good idea to attack Borderlands fans and PC gamers on Twitter. Our pal Randy even threatened to pull all Borderlands and Gearbox games off of Steam completely. Attacking your customers is always a great idea. At this point I am debating whether or not I will even buy this game when it comes to Steam if Randy keeps this up.

Randy’s Dirty Flashdrive: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/01/gearbox-ceo-allegedly-kept-underage-porn-on-usb-stick-new-lawsuit-alleges/

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Can You Get The Psycho Bundle For FREE? (With BL3 Being FREE)

Can You Get The Psycho Bundle For FREE? (With BL3 Being FREE)

In today’s video we see if it’s possible to get the Psycho Bundle for FREE by claiming borderlands 3 on the Epic Games Store. If possible you could enjoy this very popular bundle that is extremely exclusive..

How To Get A FREE $10 Epic Games Coupon!


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Epic Games Store Failed With Borderlands 3, Batman Next & Randy Pitchford’s Support Aged Poorly

★ Epic Store’s Borderlands 3 failed gamers, Randy Pitchford’s praise aged poorly & WB Montreal’s Batman is likely the next exclusive. ★
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Epic Games Roadmap Failure – No Preload For Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is poised to be a massive addition to the looter shooter genre, however its restriction to the Epic Store, means that PC players will be unable to preload, thus rendering its launch day process a pale shadow of the enthusiastic gate opening it otherwise would have been.

Epic Games repeatedly claims they are making the industry better, but in this case, they incentivized a game to be exclusive to their platform, which then negatively impacted the launch window for PC players which is decidedly, and irrefutably… NOT making the industry better.

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